1 We guarantee the products we sell are all exactly the quoted PURITY AND STANDARD, or better, or you can return your bullion within 7 days and we’ll refund your money or exchange your product without question. See more about our expert product knowledge and testing technology, click here.
3 We guarantee to keep you informed with AUTOMATIC EMAIL UPDATES and account status updates otherwise you can call or email us at any time for an order update.
4 We guarantee you can get a DISCOUNT, we work hard to offer the most cost effective bullion buying options: choose the scheduled delivery option and save at least 0.95% or $150. If we don’t offer a discount to you online, call us and we will give you the BEST DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!
5 We guarantee the FASTEST, most simple, LIVE ONLINE ORDERING process in NZ, and if you find a faster, easier ordering process let us know and one of our agents will take you to lunch so you can tell us how we can make it better!
6 Your money and bullion transaction is 100% SECURE. If you are a new customer and want proof of this, you can choose the deposit option (Pay a deposit & remainder paid on delivery/pick up)
7 Furthermore, we guarantee we deliver with GOLD SERVICE! We strive hard to ensure all our customers are happy and enjoy a smooth simple trade. If you buy over 300 oz of silver or 20 oz of gold, and are not happy with our product or service we will give you $100 worth of gold for free! (If your purchase is below this amount talk to us, we will rectify any issue.