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Pamp Suisse Fortuna Gold 2.5 g Bar

The bar is 99.99% gold or 24-karat gold, making them highly sought after by all levels of precious metal investors.
Switzerland’s gold bars are one of the more trusted and respected gold products in the world.
PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse are both private refiners located in Switzerland and are well known in the gold bullion market. Both refiners use gold that is 99.99% pure or 24-karat gold.
Each bar bears metal type, purity, weight, serial number and world famous PAMP Suisse logo.
Obverse of each bar includes image of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune.
The Mint exclusive Veriscan technology uses the metal’s microscopic topography, to identify any registered product, aiding in the detection of counterfeits. Each bar is scanned upon production and, when scanned by the customer, is further authenticated by the Veriscan security database.
Pamp Suisse Fortuna Gold 2.5 g Bar is provided in a Tamper-evident assay card that guarantees the fineness and weight of pure gold.

Note: Dispatched order may contain circulated products.