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NZ Mint Kiwi Gold 0.1 oz Coin 0.99990

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NZ Mint Kiwi Gold 0.1 oz Coin. Its purity is .9999 and is guaranteed to be 1/10 of full troy ounce of pure gold. The coin is minted by New Zealand Mint (Auckland).

The obverse of the coin has 4 stars of the Southern Cross, word “Aotearoa” – meaning “Land Of The Long White Cloud”, purity and weight designations.

The revers bears New Zealand’s national flightless bird image, words “New Zealand”, “Gold Kiwi” and weight as “1/10oz”.

NZ Mint Kiwi Gold 0.1 oz Coin – the most popular New Zealand gold coin available. It is perfect for investments, protection against inflation or just a gift.