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500 x 1 oz Morgan Dollar Design Silver Round

The 1 oz Silver Round Morgan Dollar Design is composed of .999 Pure Silver. Although modeled after the Morgan Silver Dollar coin, these rounds are not actual currency. Morgan Silver Rounds are not legal tender coins.
The Morgan Silver Dollar was minted and used as U.S. currency from 1878-1904, making a reappearance in 1921. The Morgan Dollar is rightfully named after George T Morgan, after he designed both the obverse and reverse. Today it is one of the most popular designs in the silver bullion market.
The obverse depicts a side profile portrait of Lady Liberty. Morgan used Anna Williams, a Philadelphia school teacher, for his model of Liberty. Morgan, enchanted by Ms.Williams, considered her profile to be the most perfect profile he had ever encountered and so faced Liberty to the left. She is crowned with a wreath marked “LIBERTY” and is encircled with the emblem “E Pluribus Unum”. The lower half of the round is lined with stars.
The Reverse was inspired by the Presidential Seal. It depicts an eagle with its wings outstretched. It includes elements of the coat of arms including a wreath as well as the bird’s claws grasping an olive branch in the right and arrows in the left. Legends are engraved along the rim: “United States of America”, “One Troy Oz.” and “.999 Fine Silver”.