2021 American Eagle Type 2 Reverse Silver 1500 Coins 75x Tube 3xMonster Boxes


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American Eagle Type 2 Reverse Silver 1 oz Coin

The redesign of the American Silver Eagle coin took a number of months for the US Mint to cut down to the final version, which was announced in 2020. The new depiction of the American bald eagle in its natural environment was selected to replace the heraldic eagle that had been featured on the United States flags for the previous three decades. The reverse image for the collection has been designed by Emily Damstra. Adolph A. Weinman’s artistic signature mark was restored on the field, restoring the modern design to the 1916 image.

On the obverse of the 2021 Walking Liberty coin will be the design created by Adolph A. Weinman for the Walking Liberty half dollar. This design was first used on US Mint quarters in 1916. The picture illustrates Liberty walking towards the rising sun with her left arm extended. Where you will find Weinman’s signature mark is the “TR” with “In God We Trust” engraved in it.

An image of the American bald eagle will appear on the reverse side of 2021 1 oz Silver Eagle Type 2 Coins. This design now makes the bald eagle appear more lifelike. It is in mid-flight, with its wings outstretched behind it and a large oak branch in its talons. Instead of including an oak branch with the eagle, Emily Damstra decided to use the eagle itself as the oak is the U.S. national tree and is well known for symbolizing strength.