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2020 Buffalo Gold 20 Coins 1xTube

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20 x 1 oz Buffalo Gold Coin

The Buffalo Gold 1 oz Coin. Its purity is .9999 and weight is – 1 oz of pure gold; minted by mints in the USA, comes with a face value of $50 and accepted as legal tender in the United States.
Obverse of the coin depicts image of a somber Native American Chieftain, complete with traditional headgear, around the front of his face it reads “Liberty” and just below his neck the mint mark and year can be found.
Reverse of the coin includes the famous profile of a Bison described by Fraser as a “typical and shaggy specimen”. The American Bison, or most commonly called the American Buffalo, is one of North America’s most recognizable animals. It once roamed in massive herds but has since gone nearly extinct due to over hunting and cattle diseases. Has wording: United States of America, In God we trust, E Pluribus Unum, face value of $50, metal type, purity, weight.
Buffalo Gold 1 oz Coin .9999 has the attractive design and superior quality will be a perfect fit for investors and collectors.