Things You Should Know If You Have Gold or Silver Bullion For Sale

Investors buy and sell gold and silver all the time and in today’s uncertain economic conditions precious metals buyers are willing to pay top dollar for coins, bars, bullion, and more. There are numerous outlets for customers to sell and if you have gold or silver for sale, be sure to take the necessary precautions before making a final decision. Bullion Deals is New Zealand’s leading independent dealer of gold and silver providing customers with the absolute best prices whether buying or selling. If you do have gold or silver for sale, be sure to consider the following before making a sale.

Beware of Pop-Up Buyers

Because of prices is in the gold and silver markets, buyers have popped up all over the place. They set up shop and typically offer far less than top dollar for your gold and silver. Before you can blink an eye, they are gone having disillusioned customers and ripped them off. Bullion Deals has a proven track record trading in New Zealand over the past three years. We have delivered millions of dollars’ worth of precious metals to investors across the country. If you have silver or gold for sale, you can trust the valuation expertise of New Zealand’s leading precious metals merchants.

Check the Weight of Your Gold and Silver

Verify the weight of your gold or silver. While the accuracy of some scales can be verified periodically, others are not. Professional merchants, such as Bullion Deals, will provide accurate weights and measures and will offer great prices for your gold and silver bullion, coins, and bars. Pop-up buyers and other less professional organisations may not be so accurate or forthright when it comes to offering you top dollar for your gold and silver.

Safe, Secure Transactions

One of the safest methods for getting a great price and a smooth transaction is buy selling your bullion for sale to an online dealer. Bullion Deals is NZ’s leading online buyer and seller of gold and silver. One of the advantages of buying and selling your precious metals online is the ability to lock in a price. You can easily lock in your price when you sell with Bullion Deals. All of your transactions are completely safe and secure and your customer information is always kept confidential.

Get the Best Deal for Your Gold Bullion for Sale

Whether you are choosing to sell your gold or silver bullion for sale or you are looking to buy coins, bars, or bullion, you can trust Bullion Deals to provide you with the best pricing in New Zealand. When selling, you will receive top dollar for your gold and silver. You can walk in and receive cash for your bullion, jewellery, coins, and other gold and silver items. With millions of dollars of transactions over the years, you can trust the valuation experience of Bullion Deals to provide you with the best prices.

For more information on buying and selling your gold and silver, simply fill out the online contact form on our website. You can also call us directly on 09 282 3994 from Auckland. Check the website for phone numbers for other areas of the country.

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